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So you have a beautifully designed website, but now you need to alter your company profile, add a news article, or change some imagery...

Well this can all be achieved using our content managed websites. With an admin panel that is familiar and easy to use, you can make instant updates to your website, enabling you to keep your content fresh and interesting, while our robust system seamlessly maintains the look and feel of your site (so you don't upset our designers).

Consistently updating a website’s content is the best way to maintain a competitive edge

And using a Content Management System is the best way to achieve this.

As well as keeping your audience engaged, updating your site regularly also makes you more attractive to search engines, which highly value fresh content. So using a Content Management System can be vital to your website's success, keeping you one step ahead of your competitors, rather than being vulnerable to getting left behind.

We know that not everyone is a computer-whiz, so once we have set up your website for you we will give you free tuition one how to use the CMS, so you can feel confident in updating your site. We are always just a quick call away should you get stuck with anything.

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We're constantly updating our weekly events and promotions, so we needed a solution that would allow us to do this without the need for any complicated editing, as we're not exactly computer whizzes here! The website that Real built for us is really easy to use, and it looks amazing too, our customers love it, and so do we!

Fez Club Dave Henning, Club Manager Fez Club

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