The Disc DJ Store
The Disc DJ Store
The Disc DJ Store

Client: The Disc DJ Store


We were approached by The Disc DJ Store to re-design their e-commerce website, which although functional, was not giving the right impression to potential customers, causing a loss of sales. On top of completely re-designing the style and layout of the website, we were also asked to add extra functionality, to lift them above their competitors.


The Disc DJ Store's website was built on an e-commerce platform, and the generic template for this platform had been used as a basis of their website design. Although the web developer had created them a solid and functional website, it lacked style, leaving the customer disengaged and uninspired.

Since having the website built, the platform being used to power their website had been upgraded, with opportunities for greater functionality and improved user experience. To ensure their website met the increasing demands of customers, these new features needed to be taken advantage of and incorporated into the new design.


We approached the re-design by wiping the slate clean, and designing a custom theme from the ground up, with our main focus on style and accessibility. The target market demanded a clean, modern layout, with greater focus on product images. To allow extra space for larger product images, we moved the main navigation to the top, utilising a hierarchical dropdown system to display the vast amount of product categories. This adjustment also allowed us to make the home page more dynamic by creating a full width banner, for advertising and promotion.

We created a new tabbed layout to the product pages, which allows a great deal of product information to be displayed in a small space, and this also allowed us to improve on the related products layout for greater up selling. The product pages also featured a new ask a question button, which allows customers to make an enquiry about a product by email, with the product details automatically entered into the email body.

We also improved the checkout process to give customers a better understanding of their progress; we created uniquely styled brand pages for the main brands being sold, and much more. These are just a few of the changes we made that constitute the complete website re-design. The sum of all these improvements has made a huge difference to the overall feel of the website, giving it a much more cohesive and user friendly design. This had made a measurable difference to the sales performance of The Disc DJ Store, which is now seeing greater numbers of transactions than ever before.