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All Star Entertainment
All Star Entertainment

Client: All Star Entertainment


All Star Entertainments is a training provider, aiming to re-engage young people in courses which teach them new skills in DJing, Music Technology and MCing as well as giving them the opportunity to learn transferable skills which they can use towards subjects like Events Management, and also in their future careers, whatever they may be.

After working on the All Star brand from the company's inception, we were asked to create the All Star website which would split their services into 3 main sectors, Entertainment, Enterprise, and Health & Wellbeing.


The design would have to be appealing to a mixed target market, comprising of both service users (young people) and also schools and educational bodies. It would need to be engaging and exciting, but also express the professional nature of the All Star team.

As well as the website being divided into 3 sectors, we also needed to incorporate video and multimedia, and express the dynamic and exciting services they offer.


We decided to colour code the 3 sections of the website, which allowed the site to have a cohesive feel, but also indicate to the user which sector they were viewing. The landing page of the website allows the user to select which sector they were interested in, and throughout the site the use can switch between sectors.

Multimedia and video are utilised throughout the website, with embedded Youtube movies, and downloadable files to help with training courses.

We implemented an interactive quiz in the Health & Wellbeing sector, to engage users. The quiz tests you and gives you a score, with tips n how to improve your health in the future.

With these features the website projects an interesting and exciting image, which complements All Star's engaging training style perfectly.