RKH Consultants
RKH Consultants

Client: RKH Consultants


RKH Consultants specialise in providing brokerage and consultancy services to corporate businesses and Small to Medium Enterprises (SME's). As this was a business start up, we were required to brand the company, design company stationery, and design and build the website.


We needed to create a simple but strong brand for RKH Consultants, which would help them to portray their professional, straight talking, and honest services.

As RKH's clients are generally converted at face to face meetings, where their specific requirements are discussed, the website simply needed to compliment RKH's sales pitch, and reinforce the key points discussed, in a clear and concise manner.


We started buy designing a selection of logos, which were then enhanced to meet RKH's demands. Once we had decided on the final logo, we then moved on to creating a clean and professional stationery set, incorporating and developing the brand.

Now that we had a defined brand, we moved on to creating a clear, concise website which emphasised why people should choose to work with RKH. We achieved this by focussing on the benefits of using RKH, and making sure these were displayed clearly, throughout the website. We also included a strong call to action to call, or request a call back from RKH, helping them convert visitors into leads.